26 Aug 2021

Medical Travel Abroad and Elective Options

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The title chiefly refers to elective surgery or procedures carried out in a foreign land. Most of the surgeries and actions carried out abroad are well planned and adequately financed. These are essential attributes that must be in place for travel and treatment in faraway lands.

Medical tourism does not often subscribe to contingency management of a disease or a life-threatening situation. But these services are not a rarity as wealthy patients can afford expensive chartered flights and instant booking in hospitals and clinics through various connections and the Internet.

Understanding Elective Option

Elective Options for health-related matters are not urgent, but at the same time, they may be essential imperatives, and there are specific time-related constraints. These surgeries cannot be neglected since this can lead to appalling consequences in case of laxity. There are many instances whence contingency is not an issue; these are mostly related to orthodontics, orthopedics, and cosmetics, whence delays will not matter until expert medical practitioners or surgeons consider an emergency. There is always a fine line between the elective and the non-elective, but one should be careful and take specialist opinion for many professional practitioners. Most of the non-essential procedures are thus kept on hold during the difficult times of pandemics.

Operation In Process

Operation Theatre

But there are life-threatening anomalies in the body that allow some time for corrective action to take place. These ailments may be painful, disabling, or severe but allow enough time to make a trip abroad. Some of these are mention below:

• Kidney Transplant
• Mastectomy
• Hernia Operation
• Joint Replacement
• Certain Cardiac Procedures
• Appendix Removal
• Certain Cancer Treatments

Medical tourism depends much upon the elective option. As we know, it is not easy to cross borders or fly abroad for seeking respite for body anomalies and ailments, some of which can be life-threatening. However, there is enough time to plan the journey in most circumstances, arrange finances, and take care of necessary bookings and reservations for treatment overseas. Thus, these are labeled as elective options, which make the bulk of the medical travel industry.

The Waiting Period

However, a long wait for medical treatment is not advised, and no sooner than all formalities are finalized, one should go for it. The long wait could have psychological consequences, besides increased chances of an untoward development related to the health issue is quite a possibility. Although the wait may offer a more significant opportunity for the preoperative matters to be in place, this is not often the case. Only pharmacological or palliative treatment, exercise, and lifestyle changes are possible during the wait.

Another option is to utilize time in going in for alternative therapies for mitigation since a complete cure is a dim possibility, whence the option is surgery or complex health procedure. The long wait can also affect the quality of life without course correction that experts or surgeons have suggested. In most cases, hesitancy is a contributory factor since patients often construe the outcome as failure or troublesome. But often, the wait is genuine or imperative since completing VISA formalities and bookings related to the tour, hospitals or clinics, and outside accommodation is time-consuming.

Cancer Hospital

Cancer Hospital

A waitlist for treatment is another possibility since some reputed hospitals are often loaded with a long queue of patients seeking services from the same surgeon or specialist. There have been instances of unavailability of the disease specialist or the surgeon capable of performing the corrective procedures. But all this is not a big problem for countries like India. Here keeping the vast infrastructure in mind, there are greater options available in experts, hospitals, and clinics. Thus, patients seeking medical tourism in India have alternative options always available.

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