26 Aug 2021

Medical Travel: India among the Preferred Countries

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Factors Governing Medical Travel

People suffering from significant ailments resort to medical travel abroad for various reasons. As often presumed by laymen, visiting a country for tourism purposes and then clubbing treatments in their exotic journeys is medical tourism. But this is not always the case; there are many factors behind a sufferer’s choice in opting for a visit abroad.
Yes, many factors are considered by patients who plan a visit to foreign shores for medical treatments. The most favorable factor behind choosing a destination is the higher disease diagnostics capabilities and subsequent therapies. Such factors are also supported by excellent health infrastructure prevailing in the country of travel.

The countries that provide low-cost procedures and good post-operative care, and besides offer easy travel; affordable accommodations are most preferred. When seeking treatment abroad, many supporting factors are also taken into consideration. One primary reason for choosing a particular country is relatives and friends, guarantee for local supportive care during an extended stay. Relatives and friends may also be instrumental in facilitating the stay and local movements. Hence crucial logistic support is a must for patients seeking treatment in a foreign land.

Greater preference is accorded to elective procedures in a foreign country due to enough time for planning, booking, and completing overseas travel formalities. There is very little time to travel abroad in case of a medical contingency.
Other reasons for treatment abroad could be a long waiting list in the country of residence. This happens in many countries where health care is institutionalized by the Government, which bears the cost of treatment.

Preferred Nations for Medical Travel

Thus, a visit for health care abroad could have many reasons which may benefit the country of visit in terms of increased revenue for its health care and foreign exchange earnings for the Nation. The benefits are also shared by the hospitality sector, which provides custom packages and inpatient accommodation. The foreign arrivals increase employment and profit-sharing among the pharmaceuticals and accessories suppliers and traders.

Looking at the statistics, most of the factors described above have no substantial impact as far as the number of visits to a country. The preference seems to be dominated by cost consideration in conjunction with health infrastructure that guarantees safe and assured results post-treatment. Apart from keeping in with times, there should be coherence among the institutions providing the procedures, expert practitioners and surgeons, and the line management to deliver quality services.

Indian Doctor

Doctor in India

The cost depends much upon the state of the economy, and thankfully inflation has not crept into the field of medical sciences and associated allied services. The salary quotient too is low in countries providing quality health care tourism because of the low cost of living compared to technically adapt and developed health care providing countries like the USA and UK, to name a few.

The countries leading in medical travel are list below in order of preference:

• India
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Bulgaria
• Panama

Why India?

Although there is no limit to possibilities that impact medical tourism, the countries listed above provide desired treatments at lower cost, with India being the cheapest. The Nation is leading not only because of the cost factor but also on its high success rate, sound infrastructure, and conducive policies related to inbound travel. In addition, the Indian Government’s agility in incentivizing medical treatments and shaping conducive policies are benefiting the country by augmenting this sector immensely.

The country specializes in a broader array of treatments and diagnostics. There is no shortage of medical experts, hospitals, and clinics to choose from. Sometimes making the right choice becomes difficult due to several destinations competing with each other.

Treatments and a wide array of procedures in multispecialty hospitals and clinics based in smaller towns are naturally more affordable than those in metros and capital cities. This choice helps patients seeking low-cost services much better in managing their finances to an optimum level.

The laundry list of treatments and procedures is extensive. One can get treated for various cancers, disabling diseases, and life-threatening anomalies related to major organs like the heart and kidneys. Besides those of other organs, liver transplants are available in India, thanks to the necessary expertise and comprehensive capabilities.

Specialty medical treatments other than those mentioned are available at many destinations all over the country.
Cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad are foremost in medical services. But the country provides equal opportunities in two-tier towns like Ahmedabad, Indore, Nagpur, to name a few. This accommodates people traveling in the country for health care on a lower budget. The buck does not stop here. Even smaller towns exhibit excellent capabilities in many segments concerned with medical travel in India.


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