17 Nov 2021

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Types and Imperatives

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In the initial stages of development, cosmetic surgery was looked down upon as more for a vanity expression rather than a need. Not Any More! It has become a broad field with many categories and subcategories. The popularity has increased tremendously post-World War I when the procedures were performed on soldiers affected by burns and wounds.
Most of the procedures are meant for reconstruction while some are for beautification. Often called aesthetic cosmetic surgery, it is meant to provide relief to many by reconstruction of malformed lips, jaws, nose, and more. Thus, it delivers freedom from years of torturous existence for people suffering from congenital defects, scars of injuries, and the impact of major accidents.

Plastic Surgery is for aesthetic purposes while cosmetic surgery is meant for beautification. However, there is a blur between the definition of the two, and a lot of confusion prevails during reference. Reconstructive plastic surgeons can only perform aesthetic procedures while cosmetic surgeons specialize in beautification.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery
.Mastectomy Breast Augmentation
.Cleft lip Liposuction
• Palate Repair
• Breast Reduction
• Flap Procedures
• Post Injury
• Scar Revision
• Craniofacial
• Microsurgery
• Burn Surgery • Nose reshaping
• Eyelid surgery
• Tummy tuck
• Facelift
• Buttock Lift
• Laser hair removal

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More on Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive techniques were being carried out in India by Susruta, an ancient surgeon in the 6th Century BC. He made a lot of contributions to the science of cataracts and plastic surgery. Indian medical works by Charak and Susruta were translated into Arabic and then on into European languages to initiate this science to the World. The instruments mentioned in the Susruta and Charak Samhitas were modified by Western physicians some of whom had made in-depth studies of the methods in India. Reports on the work of Kumhare Vaidya on rhinoplasty by this acclaimed Indian surgeon were published in the year 1794 in the popular Gentleman’s Magazine.

There are many conditions or events that can result in malformation or misshaping of the face, lips, cheeks, and jaws. These are usually subject to reconstruction besides the breasts and buttocks. Reconstructive plastic surgery can be carried out on any part of the human body in order to rectify an anomaly that is either congenital or has occurred due to some unfortunate incidence or medical condition.

Hence normalization is the goal. The primary aim is to restore the appearance and improve functions that have been affected due to an abnormality. Expert surgeons recreate using grafts, silicone, and tissue implants, or correct the abnormality using invasive procedures. Almost all surgeons have to be well trained in anesthesia and have to refer to specialists in other faculties as the case may be.

But these procedures are often complex in nature and a lot of consideration should be taken in order to assure success. The patients’ health, age, and or ability to stand the strain of the process. Though not often risky but in some instances, there could be a threat to life or the possibility of abject failure. There have been cases of further disfigurement in case of repeated failures but this is often the case with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery
Facial Plastic Surgery

This type of approach is for enhancing beauty or appearance even though there is not any noticeable malformation in the sensory apparatus of the oral cavity. This is a vanity surgery and is most popular the world over.

The global cosmetic surgery market stands at 50 billion-plus USD and is expected to add 11 billion USD at 7 % CAGR by 2024. With 300,000 operations performed in the year 2017, breast augmentation stands at the top in procedures performed in cosmetic surgery for beautification.

The technical advances made in medical devices have minimized the need for deep invasive techniques. This has increased the scope for most of the procedures where invasion is minimal. An increase in noninvasive treatments has added to the scope besides a greater understanding of the technology and methods involved among the general public. The successful medical outcomes are also attracting people towards this vanity science.

Another procedure that is frequently performed and promises to be the fastest-growing is the botulism treatment. The poison from the deadly bacteria if injected in a minute amount does away with the wrinkles that appear due to old age.

The market growth is being fueled by the opening up of past restrictive socio-cultural aspects that kept the orthodox and traditional target audience away. Albeit North America is still the leader, the Asians are catching thanks to greater freedom from traditional mores among the females. There is a noticeable shift towards the APAC market with medical tourism playing an active part and attracting the potential segment.

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