17 Nov 2021

Maxillofacial Surgery: What it is?

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Maxillofacial surgeries comprise a group of invasive and reconstructive techniques with a focus on the cranium, oral cavity, and jaw. The operations are conducted by specialist dental surgeons capable of performing a variety of procedures with the final aim to reconstruct or repair. A specialist may be good at many areas of surgery but there is a limit to his or her expertise. Surgeons depending upon their, skills, training, and experience specialize in various aspects besides regular dentistry.

jaw surgery

The procedures can be simple or complex depending upon the reconstruction to be carried out. This entails that the cost structure cannot be uniform, and it depends upon the complexities of procedures. Usually, the cost increases with the complexities that have to be tackled. The procedures also transgress favorably into the realm of plastic cosmetic surgeries. Most of the reconstruction work may require the assistance of specialists from other related faculties.
The procedures are broken down into the region, the operation or reconstructive work often conducted are:

• Craniofacial work with a neurosurgeon
• Cancer-related surgeries
• Skin Cancer work with dermatologists.
• Maxillary Osteotomy targets Upper Jaw
• Mandibular Osteotomy targets Lower Jaw
• Genioplasty targets the Chin
• Orthognathic surgery is for jaw repositioning
• Lip reconstructive surgery
• Microvascular reconstructive surgery
• Skin grafts and flaps post-cancer operation

The specialists are also called Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMS) since they practically work on the whole region. Those who specialize in the brain are usually called craniofacial surgeons.


Specialists are increasingly using technology to enhance precision in their craft and thus improve medical outcomes through the efforts. Surgery is result-oriented especially for the surgeon and the institution involved, this is not only as regards the outcome but also in order to increase the frequency of success for reputation building.
The field evolved at a rapid pace along with developments of technologies and techniques. The impact of recent technical developments has an all-around impact, and the procedures or techniques may undergo a complete transformation. The transformation came about with the introduction of three-dimensional Radiographic Anatomical

Displays or CT scans and Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI scan. This gave access to precision images of the interior of the region targeted for operation.

The developments in this discipline came about after the 20th Century. The turnaround resulted in rapid development in anesthetic, diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities. The future scope of the procedures will be increased further with advancements in laser technology, microsurgery, robot-assisted imagery, and percutaneous endoscopic techniques.

The greatest impact of technological developments is on tumor therapies and tissue transplantation. Molecular biology research, gene technology, and tissue engineering will improve transplantation in the face using regenerated tissues. Recently there has been the invention of a new medical device the TT Tooth Transformer SRL. This assists by extracting the tooth and turning it into a bone graft material that facilitates tissue growth post-implant.

In the case of the medical profession, it is just not to the degree that keeps surgeons going. OMFS like many disciplines requires regular training and up-gradation. This is not only to hone the skills but also to diversify skills in order to master emerging technologies and get acquainted with new procedures. Most of the OMS surgeons now participate in craniofacial and aesthetic facial surgery post-training. This is the one and only way that the medical institutions enable growth in trained manpower and feed hospitals and clinics in order to increase service capacity.

Comparative Costs for Dental Implants & Jaw Surgery

In India, the price range is between 20,000 to 110000 but may cross over 300,000 in case of greater complexity. Globally dental implants could cost anywhere from 1500 USD To 3000 USD per tooth while in India the lowest rate would be around 300 USD.

For jaw surgery, the cost ranges from USD 5000 to 50000 USD. The same procedure in India would cost anywhere from 300 USD to 5000 USD depending upon the complexity, the city, and the hospital. India provides the same services in medical treatments and procedures at lower cost in 2 tier cities.
Average Price
Country-wise Comparative Chart





South Korea $26,550

Types of Jaw Surgery Price Ranges


Upper Jaw

Lower Jaw

Jaw Alignment

Jaw Reduction


Jaw Shaving $3,000-$10,000

The cost mentioned above relates to the hospital stay and surgery costs. Insurance, surgeon fee, diagnostics, etc. have to be added. The need for Oral Maxillofacial Surgery arises due to many reasons besides congenital defects. It could be due to an accident, defects caused by cancer surgery, and sometimes due to aging.
India is one of the best destinations for OMFS in the World. It is relatively cheaper; the service is good and medical outcomes have been proven globally.

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